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Meet the Team

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Image featuring Admits ran the ganlet of cheering admit weekend student volunteers as they assembled in Frost Amphitheater to begin the trek to their dorms for the weekend. Photo Credit: Linda C. Cicero

Oversight: Making This All Work

Ensuring every student has a rich and meaningful experience during their time in our dorms is our collective responsibility. This is why we’ve put in place systems of shared governance that involve students, faculty and staff to help ensure our residences are everything we need them to be.  

Undergraduate Residence Governance Council

The Undergraduate Residence Governance Council oversees all parts of the undergraduate experience in the dorms. This group consists of the:

  • Vice Provost for Student Affairs (Susie Brubaker-Cole)
  • Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education (Sarah Church)
  • Vice Provost for Budgets and Auxiliaries Management (Tim Warner)

This group represents a huge body of professional staff members who work every day to make the residential experience at Stanford meaningful.  The governance group has put a few other structures in place to help us all work together.

Image featuring Frosh check-in at Roble Hall.

Community Councils

The community council will be a governing board of students, resident fellows and staff working together to make decisions for their local neighborhood.

Esmerelda Reyes of Brooklyn, NY chats with Brandon Avendano of Las Vegas while waiting to check-in and drop their luggage for the weekend.

Advisory Boards

We are working together with students, alumni and resident fellows to ensure that our planning works for our community.